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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose GalleryinaBox?

The GalleryinaBox system has been designed by dealers for dealers, and will help you maintain your internet website more efficiently than ever before. Developed by some of the leading web programmers, it provides the most robust, secure and efficient websites available. Our websites allow you to maintain all data, as well as offering the ability to create exhibitions and catalogues rapidly and efficiently.

Is there an annual charge?

There are NO annual charges associated with the GalleryinaBox content management system.

Is there a charge to host my website?

GalleryinaBox has developed a partnership with a world-leading third-party hosting company. This partnership allows us to offer you unbeatable hosting services, at extremely competitive prices, with unlimited online storage for your works of art.

How does the cost of GalleryinaBox compare with others?

GalleryinaBox is a unique content management system within the art business offering the best flexibility, website design and construction available, at prices which will compare extremely favourably against providers of static web sites, with no content management.

Is there a fixed contract or a minimum period of use that I have to agree to?

There are no fixed contracts to sign or minimum periods of use to agree to. You can choose to cancel your use of the system at any time, although we are confident that you will not do so, as you realise how GalleryinaBox can improve your business.

How long will it take to set up my website?

We aim to have your website setup for you within 7-10 working days from receipt and approval of your final design and system specifications.

Do you have an international version?

We do have International versions of GalleryinaBox as we cater for all dealers, irrespective of location. GalleryinaBox is available in French, German, Spanish and Italian.

What benefits are there from using GalleryinaBox?

With our websites you can make all the changes yourself with no technical experience necessary, and therefore do not need to employ any web programmer or third-party company to change your website. This allows your website to be far more responsive to your users, ensuring information is always up-to-date. The maintenance screens in GalleryinaBox are very easy to use and the setting up of a new exhibition is a quick and simple task. With GalleryinaBox, you will be able to allow users to download catalogues, view your latest exhibitions, works of art and Gallery events

Can you help me sell items over the internet?

GalleryinaBox has a built-in secure online shop, and payment processing facility, which you can use, or we can integrate your current set-up into your website.

Will I be able to load my data directly from a database?

Yes - you can save considerable time and effort by exporting your data directly in a few seconds from our partner, the ArtScene Gallery Management System. Within the ArtScene system, you simply select the records you wish to export and press just one button. Your data is validated and then uploaded into your website. If you do not have the ArtScene system, you can acquire this with a discount when purchasing GalleryinaBox, or at a competitive price any time in the future.
You can of course enter all the details quickly through our user friendly maintenance screens if you do not have Artscene in your gallery.
To export approximately 500 records from ArtScene takes just one second and a few minutes to upload onto the website - compare this to the amount of time (probably a few days) it would take to manually enter the information.

Can my visitors download my latest catalogues?

Yes, GalleryinaBox supports multiple file formats, enabling you to publish your catalogues online for download. They can be linked into online exhibitions and further information.

How many images can I show on my website?

You can have approximately 30,000 to 40,000 images, depending on size. We do recommend restricting the dimensions of each image to a reasonable size so that web pages are loaded quickly, maximising the user enjoyment of your website

Can I show more than one image relating to the same work of art?

Yes, GalleryinaBox supports an unlimited number of images for each work of art.

Will changes that I make to my website be published online instantly?

Yes, all changes to your data and images on the GalleryinaBox system are active immediately. This allows you to keep your information completely up to date. For example, once a work of art has been sold, you can remove it from your website in a few seconds, or update it with a SOLD note. You can add new works of art just as quickly.
The entire process of placing a work of art on your website will take you just a few seconds.

Do I need any special equipment to run my new website and content management system?

No, the website can be viewed and updated from any computer with an internet connection.

Will I need to change my current domain name or email addresses?

No, your existing domain name can be transferred to your GalleryinaBox website system, or we can help you to register a new one if you wish.

What if I need technical support?

The GalleryinaBox system has been designed to be very easy to use and to be administered simply. The user is guided in the most logical way to make all changes as easy as possible. We provide comprehensive printed documentation and online guides and are always on hand to provide technical assistance.


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