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GalleryinaBox is a state-of-the-art innovative website content management system, providing a fully automated custom website solution. Designed by Art and Antique dealers, GalleryinaBox allows you to control and maintain your own website with no previous technical knowledge required.

GalleryinaBox will enable you to update your own website in seconds through friendly user screens, giving you complete control over every work of art, exhibition, catalogue or event which is displayed.

GalleryinaBox is a fully functional web content management system, designed with simplicity and speed in mind. You can use it as a stand-alone system, or take advantage of its unique partnership with Artscene, the World's leading gallery management system, by directly exporting data from your gallery management system onto your website, without the need to re-type any information.

The GalleryinaBox system will offer users of your website simple, fast and clear access to all of your online information. You can build online exhibitions; past and current, include artist biographies, extended details on works of art, downloadable catalogues, up-to-date events in your gallery diary, ordering information, and integrated e-commerce if you plan to sell direct from your website.

GalleryinaBox is designed for everyone to use with ease. We currently supply systems to members of CINOA, LAPADA, SLAD, CSEDT, ADAA, PADA, BADA and SNA.

The GalleryinaBox system is versatile and can be integrated into your current website design, built to your design specification, or you can lead our team of designers to choose the best look for your needs.


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